Frequently asked questions

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C allows Graphic Designers to offer complete solutions, i.e. fully functioning websites, to their clients without the need to either (a) modify the normal design or design process (unlike all other CMS) or (b) get involved in any technical issues, such as hosting
The service is offered as an all-in-one service, for a periodic subscription charge. There is no front-loading, i.e. all subscription fees are the same, including the first. Therefore, we depend on our clients staying with us for five years, or we don't make a profit – once you try C, we are confident you will stay
There are a number of reasons for this – (a) the first subscription fee does not cover the set-up costs we incur, (b) we host and support the website & maintain your registration & (c) we continually invest in C so as to keep it at the cutting edge of internet & website trends
Yes – C can be retrofitted to most website designs
You, your nominated graphic designer or us can do the design – it depends on what service level you are using
You do, but we can recommend a graphic designer
Yes, you can. And you may upload videos, or display YouTube® videos
Yes, you can, or display YouTube® videos. You may also upload static images
Yes, C is fully compatible with all mobile devices
You may use any TLD, providing your domain is available & there is no other impediment to you owning a domain from the required TLD, e.g. there are a lot of requirements imposed by the IEDR on domain owners for IE domains, such as residency in Ireland
Yes, you can. However, we need you to nominate us as the administrative contact for the email, to ensure continuity & security of service
You can add up to 10 contributors. You may remove, add and swap contributors freely
You may assign publishing rights to a user, and they will be able to control what is published. Contributors without publishing rights can write content, but it will not be published until approved
You must have at least one publisher, but there is no upper limit to the number of contributors who can be publishers
The website administrator performs these tasks – add and delete contributors, manage email addresses, resets passwords, etc
No – but you can split the administrator role, e.g. different users can be responsible for creating email addresses & responding to contact us enquiries
You may have up to 5 email addresses per web address, each with 1M of storage. Additional addresses and storage may be purchased
We set up the nominal email set, i.e. and, as setting up of these email addresses constitute good practice. You may set up other email addresses
Yes, you can – we will provide the settings required
Yes, you can check your emails from any internet point or mobile device
We are – no matter what technical issue arises, we are responsible to resolve. In practice, we will probably have all techincal issues resolved before you or your website visitors are even aware tha they exist
Yes, absolutely – as the web evolves, so does C – this is a typical C website which uses the latest developments – HTML5/CSS3, etc
No, C has an unlimited bandwidth availability
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